PFD Trade Show

3rd October

Private Gala Dinner

4th October

Private Gala Dinner

12th October

Conference Trade Show

22nd & 23rd October

Hazell Bros 75th Anniversary Expo

26th October


29th, 30th & 31st October

Save Africa Night

2nd November

Private Gala Dinner

8th November

Police Pipe Band 50th Anniversary

16th November

Makers Nest Showcase

23rd & 24th October

Private Gala Dinner

7th December

Private Gala Dinner

14th December

Taste of Tasmania

28th December - 3rd January

Private Gala Dinner

17th January

Flight Centre Travel Expo

2nd February

Run the Bridge

23rd February

West Moonah Health & Wellbeing Expo

29th February

Day Conference

9th & 10th March


6th March - 5th April